WDM is intelligent chat bot

Are you wondering what to do? Are you searching for the right decision? We received a lot of thanks and praise for our work. Users say that WDM helped them a lot to choose the right thing. We like to hear that. The good choices are probably our most important steps in life.  If you have not tried “Wise Decision Making,” you can visit us and receive free advice regarding your decision as well. WDM never asks about details, so you don’t need to worry about your privacy. WDM is not a toy. It is an intelligent chat bot built with SecondEgo technology.

Ethical Decision Making or Wise Decision Making

We’ve got some emails asking us why we did not call the app Ethical Decision Making. One month ago, we all thought that the name of the solution should be Ethical Decision Making. After consideration, we changed the name into Wise Decision Making. Why? Ethical and Wise are in our case almost synonyms. The only difference between Ethical and Wise is that word Ethical does not think two steps ahead. Wise decisions always act Ethical, but Ethical does not necessary mean Wise. Wise predict the future and therefore means “Ethical and more than that”.

The website is somehow alive

If you are content and problem solving oriented developer, website and so called sales activities are one of the most annoying parts of the project. Anyhow, we launch the website as well even I know that website is not so good as the content of the Wise Decision Making widget. I’m getting frustrated because I know that nowadays it is much more important how the things look like than how they are. Unfortunately, this rule applies not only to things. It applies to people as well. Instead of checking quality or ingredients of the food, we are often choosing food because of nice boxes and bottles.


Development of Wise Decision Making is very intensive. We are adding new elements of questions and answers to the logical structure of core daily. We predict that new version of Android app will be available in November this year. We are trying to accept right solutions as well 🙂

It’s all about us

We should not deny any of important part of our decision. Of course, in most cases we are not allowed to accept non-rational decisions. But decisions should not be only rational. We have to balance a decision in compliance with the fact that we are humans. Therefore, we have much more complicated work to do than robots.

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