About the project

When we worked on the idea, we had a great time. We started with discussions related to the concept and idea with many experts from many different fields of human sciences. When we put the theory together, we have added some artificial intelligence and made the interface user-friendly. We had in mind that the final solution should be simple even the problems are sometimes very complicated. Wise Decision Making® has been made for you and it is very simple to use.

Therefore, I am sure that the project will continue to grow. At this time, Wise Decision Making is available as website application (widget) and Android app. Last half year WDM has been tested by many different people in different situations. People live in different part of the world and cultures. Decisions we accepted need to be in compliance with the fact what we are.


We are developing the “mind-map” of Wise Decision Making permanently. Your contribution with suggestions and ideas is also welcome.  We have already created some other applications using the same platform and model that are dealing with accepting business-oriented decisions. Some expert systems are designed for new employees in companies where it is possible to operate with existing knowledge management and already established procedures. All our applications are available as standalone mobile applications for Android and iOS platform as well.

Do not hesitate do contact us.

Kersnikova 1, Kamnik, Slovenia, EU


+386 41 320 531

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