Good decision

Wise Decision Making is for you. Our decisions are sometimes less important or it seems to be less important. When the decision is too easy, it often happens that we have overlooked an important issue. WDM® will remind you on that. When we have to accept a hard or complicated decision, the problem is serious. Wise Decision Making cannot promise you that it can solve all details of your problem or decision. But I’m sure, WDM® will help you a lot to see the bigger picture of the problem. It will remind you of some overlooked perspective of a decision and show you the way of thinking where possible wise solutions are. Wise Decision Making is expert system asking you questions about your decision. You will never have to reveal your decision. So, you don’t need to worry about privacy. We do not want to know anything about your decision. Your decision will be in your head only. After some questions WDM® will ask you, you will get Wise Decision Making opinion about your decision. It si good to know that even WDM® is small “chat looking” widget only, there is a lot of built-in knowledge and understanding. I’m sure it will help you accept the right decision.

Our decisions are the key to our future. Make them wisely.

You can see the widget in bottom left corner to check your decision instantly. Be honest with your answers.

If Wise Decision Making helps you accept the right decision and we are sure it will, you are invited to donate some minor amount into the growth of the project.


What is right decision? What is wise desicion? Does it mean how to maximize profits? How to earn more with fewer efforts? How to win hundreds of small battles? It might be, but most critical is the question whether your decisions will make you smiling, happy and proud of you and your decisions. When decisions are wise, we are satisfied. Money and so-called success always come along by itself. As much as we need and want. It is good to know that the decisions are not about other people, money or goods. You are the central question, the reason and the final consequence of the decision.

Free will is given to us. Moreover, should make us free. Unfortunately, free will does not bring freedom. It brings us only the permanent responsibility of decision-making. The most frustrating and harmful are non-accepted decisions. It often comes with the believes that we made many mistakes in the past. Remember, there are very few wrong decisions in your past. They have been the best at the time you made them. We are not always in a position to choose between good and better choice. We are much time in a situation we are forced to decide between bad and worst choice. However, it is good to know, that your future decisions can be better than it used to be. I cannot promise you that I’ll be able to help you with details of your decision. It is up to you to pick up them up and put together. However, I know for sure, that I can help you always choose the right direction. The most important is that you are very honest in the process of decision-making. It means that your answers to crucial questions should be as they are, not as you would like them to be.

We had an idea to name the solution Ethical Decision Making. However the word Wise means more than Ethical. All wise decisions are ethical, but it does not mean that all ethical decisions are wise.

Issues to ask yourself.

How the others see it?

What do your family and kids have to say about that? It is good if you have support of your close familiy members. Make sure you are not the only one who holds to your interpretation as well. Have in mind that there are always at least two sides to every story. Please try to imagine how someone from outside would understand it.

Don’t hurry.

Beware of the “once in a lifetime” deal and the lure of instant solutions. Don’t let the fear of »missing out« drive your decision. When you are in doubt, leave it out.

I’m not perfect.

Acknowledge that you have “blind spots.” Nobody is perfect. Therefore honestly assess your motives, both good and bad.

Do I know the pattern?

Look for patterns of behavior – “triggers.” Learn from your and other people mistakes! If you saw similiar situation or story before, please be aware that you are not exception to the rules. It might happen to you as well.

Too many counselors will not help.

Avoid having many separate conversations and be honest. Avoid listening to only the voice you like. It does not help much. Recognize the difference between “selling” and “sharing.” People are often sharing something just to sell it.

Warning signs.

Did you recognize the warning signs? You don’t need to superstitious and paranoid, but be cautious. Live with open eyes and ears. Don’t think you are the “exception” to the rule.

Consider your steps.

Assess the potential risks and always prepare a contingency plan. Do not underestimate – other people, procedures, reactions, … Underestimating is the mother of all serious fails.

Don’t go to the edge.

Ask yourself, would this pass the “newspaper” test? If you are able to write an article in local newspaper about your decision then you are on the right way. If not, decision can be dangerous. Even more than it seems to be. Keep short accounts and do not mix too many different parts of your life together.

Another option?

Are you sure, that this is the optimal decision? Ask yourself, what story could the »good man« be writing? Don’t assume that just because something is hard that it is not your »good man« will. Understand how life had uniquely gifted and resourced you. Have in mind that it is not the only way to go.


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