Do you have to accept some critical decisions? Get advice from Wise Decision Making even I know that distribution of “common sense” is only fairly distributed asset among people. All of us think we have it enough.

Wise Decision Making is for you. Our decisions are sometimes less prominent, or it seems to be less critical. When the decision is too easy, it often happens that we have overlooked a significant issue. WDM® will remind you of that. When we have to accept a hard or complicated decision, the problem is severe. Wise Decision Making cannot promise you that it can solve all the details of your question or resolution. But I’m sure, WDM® will help you a lot to see the bigger picture of the problem. It will remind you of some overlooked perspective of judgment and show you the way of thinking where possible wise solutions are. Wise Decision Making is expert system asking you questions about your decision. You will never have to reveal your decision. So, you don’t need to worry about privacy. We do not want to know anything about your decision. Your decision will be in your head only. After some questions WDM® will ask you, you will get Wise Decision Making opinion about your decision. It is good to know that even WDM® is a small “chat looking” widget only; there is a lot of built-in knowledge and understanding. I’m sure it will help you accept the right decision.

Our decisions are the key to our future. Make them wisely.


Three Points.


Dilemma? You don’t know what to do? The recently Wise Decision Making bot statistics has shown, that WDM has helped first million of people to accept the better decision. WDM is getting smarter and smarter. We are happy we can help people to make better decisions. Since the beginning of the year 2017, Wise Decision Making chatbot is entirely free, so you can go and use it for free.

Modern world with all technology and rules have to be rational. We are forced to be rational as well if we want to survive. But, rational kind of thinking is overrated. We cannot be only rational. If we are accepting recurring “rational only” decisions we cannot be fulfilled and happy. It is the way into regret which comes soon or later.


Emotions are our most powerful drive we have. They make us do many wonderful and unpredictable things. It is very good if our decisions can be passion driven. On the other hand, decisions which are mostly or only emotionally driven might be the most dangerous. Emotions are the most powerful and inspiring drive and might be the most dangerous as well. Without control it might ends in gambling, alcohol, drugs, …


Nowadays the most forgotten part of our experiencing is intuition. Many of us can hardly admit that it is the serious part of our understanding. We do not understand our intuition and we often thing we are superstitious. However we are not. It is our most important inner mechanism which is here to protect us. If we accept decisions based on intuition only, anxiety or depression might not be far.

So, the right decision always consists of all three of them. Wise decision making is always the Art of Balance.




Wise Decision Making will help you accept the right decision. The worst choice is unaccepted one. In such a case, the problem remains unsolved and causes permanent frustration that makes us unhappy and in some circumstances might cause depression as well. Answer the questions you know you have to answer and accept the right decision with Wise Decision Making assistance.


“I’m using it. It helps a lot.”



“I’ve spent hours thinking about what to do. I still do. But now at least I know I’ve made the right decision.”



“Sometimes it is tought to decide. I don’t always follow the WDM advice blindly. But in most cases, I do. He is really wise.”





If Wise Decision Making helped you accept the right decision, and we are sure he could, I would like you to donate some minor amount into the growth of the project. We should grow together. Say thank you in a way you can affort.

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